What Is a Temporary Agency?

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A temporary agency, Eu Workers boite interim lyon known as a temp agency or staffing agency, finds and assigns workers to companies in need of short-term employees. They are useful for work that has a cyclical nature or for seasonal jobs like warehouse or manufacturing roles. The company that needs workers enters into a contract with the temp agency, which then recruits its pool of temporary workers and sends them to the client. The client pays the agency based on the hours worked and for the screening and payroll services.

Working with a temp agency can save time and resources for both companies and workers. It gives businesses flexibility to adjust employee workload without overburdening current staff members and allows them to evaluate a worker before making a permanent hiring decision. Temp agencies can also provide workers with access to a variety of positions, often in multiple industries and fields.

Working Temporarily: Tips and Benefits of Short-Term Employment

For workers, submitting their resume to a temp agency can mean instant access to dozens of potential job opportunities. They are screened through basic interviews and, depending on the role, may undergo more extensive background checks or drug tests. Once accepted, they are assigned to different jobs as needed by the agency based on skill availability and a short skills confirmation interview.

Some temp agencies have longer-term positions, known as temp-to-hire placements, which offer the possibility of a full-time job at the end of a specified period. They can also connect workers with direct-hire positions through which the agency conducts traditional interviewing and screening processes to fill an open position.


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