VoIP Number Check – How to Check If a Call is Associated With a VoIP Account

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A VoIP number check is a process of checking whether the caller’s phone number is associated with a VoIP account. This is done by contacting the VoIP service provider and asking them to do what’s called a CNAM lookup. This process relies on a directory that is usually public to tell you who owns the phone number in question. However, this method can be spoofed, so it may not always work.

Unlike fixed landline or mobile phone numbers that are associated with a specific physical location, non-geographic or virtual VoIP phone numbers can be linked to any address the user chooses. This flexibility allows business to establish a local presence in multiple regions without the expense and hassle of opening a new office or buying equipment.

Validating VoIP Numbers: Verifying Legitimacy

While many VoIP users are individuals, businesses can also purchase VoIP numbers to increase their customer base and brand visibility. This is especially useful for delocalised small and growing companies that need to build trust with customers in different locations.

However, a non-geographic number does not come with the same built-in security features that fixed VoIP numbers do. This is why it’s important for businesses to have a strong fraud prevention strategy in place. One way is to implement a VoIP verification API, which combines a VoIP number lookup with data points such as the active status of the phone number in real-time to detect suspicious and fraudulent calls. This helps to reduce the risk of losing customers and revenue due to fraudulent calls.


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