Embroidery Digitizing Services

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High-Performance Embroidery Digitizing Services in San Francisco is the process of turning your logo, design, or text into an embroidery file that embroidery machines can read. It is a highly specialized skill and considered an art form when done correctly.

What format is embroidery digitizing?

Using a software program, the digitizer will convert your artwork into an embroidery file. This file explains to the machine where each stitch goes, what type of stitch to use and how long each stitch should be. Digitizing is what separates a good embroidery job from a great one. It is not automatic or even simple; it is complex work and requires time and experience to do well.

A digitized file has a pathing section that determines how the design will run from beginning to end. This will also affect how long the design runs in the embroidery machine during production. The digitizer will decide what types of stitches to use, such as a run stitch that is thin and used for the smallest parts like thin borders and text. A satin stitch is more common and used for most of the rest of a design, especially thick borders. Then there is the fill stitch that is tightly compacted and covers large areas of a design.

The fabric on which the design will be embroidered must also be taken into consideration. Different fabrics stretch in a different way and the digitizer must compensate for this when creating the stitch file. This is called pull compensation and it helps the design look its best on all types of fabrics.


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