Things to Consider Before Buying an E-Type Jaguar

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There is no doubt that the E-Type Jaguar, or XKE as it was known in North America, is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. The car has become a symbol of the classic Jaguar brand and is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. Buying one is a dream of many and prices have risen dramatically in recent years. However if you are thinking about purchasing an E-Type here are some things to consider before you do so. Find out

The Jaguar E-Type is a beautiful car but it is also a very expensive and troublesome car to own. Before you purchase a Jag make sure you are fully prepared and ready for the responsibilities involved in owning a classic car. Having the right knowledge will save you a lot of heartache and expense in the future.

From Concept to Reality: The Journey of Designing E-Type Jaguar Builds

Jaguar’s founder Sir William Lyons had initially hoped to revise the XK range with the E-Type but the design was already well into its development phase by the time production started in 1948. With the success of the XK120 roadster and its two coupe counterparts he realised that the company would not have the funds to develop an all new E-type shape.

Malcolm Sayer reworked the bodywork of the Jaguar E-Type using thinner steel panels and unique aluminum sections to reduce its mass. This allowed the cars to perform better in races and at the Le Mans 24 Hours. The E-Type was not a speed demon but it did perform well in the European racing scene with Briggs Cunningham and Roy Salvadori finishing second at Spa-Francorchamps and fourth at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car was a hit with drivers and public alike and demand for the model increased rapidly.


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