Vibratory Polishing Machine

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Vibratory finishing is a process for polishing workpieces to a desired finish. The vibratory finishing process uses media, which is mixed with the workpiece and helps produce the desired finish. Media is typically a mixture of degreaser or water, and can also contain rust inhibitors. A polishing compound is also added to the media to give the part a glossy, smooth surface.

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Vibratory polishing machine are particularly beneficial for deburring and beveling. These machines raise the overall quality of the finished product by improving surface roughness. In addition to polishing, vibratory finishing machines can be used for batch processing, which increases overall productivity. There are several types of vibratory polishing machines to suit your specific needs.

Vibratory finishing machines have a dual chamber design to accommodate small and large production batches. The inner chamber performs heavy-duty finishing steps while the outer chamber cleans and dries. A stable partition separates these two chambers to reduce wear and tear. It is important to select the media that matches the type of workpiece to be finished.

Vibratory finishing machines can be used to deburr drilling burrs and produce high-gloss finishes. Vibratory finishing machines are also useful for rust removal and surface preparation. Most of these machines are shaped like round bowls or tubs. Some even have a feed-through system.


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