Snowshoe Brewing Company – A Relaxed Brewpub

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Relaxed brewpub with traditional American fare and house ales. A popular hangout with locals, the brewpub is a must-stop on your next trip to snowshoe brewery. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the ambiance is old-fashioned. The prices are moderate, too, at $4 for a pint and $6 for a large draft.

The real estate package includes a 6,000-square-foot brewery and restaurant building on one-and-a-half-acre property, plus ample parking for 70 vehicles. The brewery has been in business for over a decade, with a distribution agreement with a major beer distributor. The brewery is also a kid-friendly restaurant.

Walkup has been a Snowshoe resident since 2006, and he ran a pub in the town, the Old Spruce Tavern, for nine years. He understood the challenges of operating a business in the mountains, and he benefited from the expertise of his local peers who were looking to expand. In addition, Walkup knows the financial ins and outs of a seasonal destination brewery.

The Snowshoe Brewing Company started as a small brew pub in 1995. Today, it is an award-winning brewery with a full restaurant and five barrel fermenters. The company focuses on making award-winning ales with local tap water. The brewery also offers a wide variety of specialty beers named after local historical figures. The Snowshoe Pale Ale, for example, is named after a famous gold rush mailman who traversed the Sierra Nevada on snowshoes.


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